Customer Reviews

Very impressed with the time that Matt puts into this company. He is full of knowledge about his products and has patiently taken his time explaining and analysing what products I may benefit from and the best way I may achieve maximum benefits from those products. My daughter suffers from eczema and loves the bath balm and soap. I am very anxious & excited to start using the CBD oil when it arrives.... I will definitely post an update. - Tonya Merli 7/15/18

I have known Matt for close to 10 years. Tar Heal Pharms is exactly what he is meant to be doing! He uses the products he sells and wouldn’t be as invested if he didn’t believe in the power of CBD’s. Not just any CBD’s though, these are the best products on the market. Look them up!!

I have been using the CBD oil and the joint cream for 4 months now and I am sleeping better then I have in years. I play flag football and do Crossfit so, I have had sore knees, elbows and muscles. Nothing I used kept the pain away for long periods of time until I started using the CBD cream. I am pain free. Educate yourself and try these products. - Jeremy Coffey 7/16/18

Matt is my grandson and knew i was using medical marijuana. He also knew i wasn't happy with the effects it gave me. So through conversation he suggested the cbd oil orally. My story began at birth when both my sister and i were born with peripheral neuropathy. This caused deformed toes and most of the time severe pain in feet and hands. As we grew older the pain increased, and now i am 86. The cbd oil has eased that pain without side effects and made every day living enjoyable.  Thanks Matt.

Dave B

Fort Pierce Fl


I’ve had great experiences with the owner of this company and also the product itself is very high-quality. Super happy. - Christy Yaw Wood 7/15/18

Matt is so passionate about these products, as he should be! I have researched CBD's for over a year now and his are by far the best quality out there. I use the pain salve, tincture and the lotion. I have had lower back pain for over 25 years and the pain salve has helped tremendously. I take 2 drops a day of the tincture as well. I highly recommend his products to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, sleepless nights! Great product!!   - Beth Tourtellot 7/15/18

Matt has really taken his time to learn and even develop the products that he offers. I have shared the products with friends and family members and the results are phenomenal. I highly recommend that you give CBD oil a chance to treat aches, pains, seizures, tremors, PTSD, ADHD, & more. This product is amazing and will change your life!    - Tina Marie Burgess 7/14/18

Couldn’t say enough good things about this company if I tried. These products have changed my everyday life for the better and will do the same for you! - Becca Hadley 7/17/18

I ordered some hemp honey and i cant get enough i use it in my kitchen continuously. Great products!  - JT Taylor 6/29/18

An absolutely amazing set of products. This stuff is going to change so many lives for the better. I currently am using the Tattoo balm for during tattoos and Aftercare. Its revolutionary
the next big thing in our industry and many more! Cant wait to try more of the products later this week! I highly recommend the product! great deals and a great team!    - Bobby O'Shea 7/17/18

I recently got a new tattoo and used the Hemp Tattoo Balm for after care. I absolutely love it! I'm healing beautifully, without much pain at all. I recommend this product highly!   - Sandi Lee 7/14/18

A 5 star rating not only on Matt Houser informative seminar but, on Tar Heal Pharms Produces. By far the best, pure full spectrum oil on today's market. If you haven't tried Tar Heal products , you must. Still not a believer, take the seminar. One sample made me a believer. The Pain Relief Cream is amazing! The pain in my knees and shoulder ~~~GONE< If the creams can do that just image what the oils can do. Thanks Matt !!!!   - Fickle Hound Bridget 7/15/18

I have anxiety/insomnia and my grandmother has bad arthritis and slipped discs in her neck. I went to a class at the market and I learned so much! Also, the pain cream took away all her pain in her neck within 30 min. I purchased the hemp oil travel cyring and within 45 min my anxiety was gone, and i was fast asleep. This such an amazing medicine it is one of a kind !! - Danielle Laplume 7/23/18

Ever since taking the informative class on CBD oils presented at Peddler's Paradise in downtown Monroe, I have been using some of Matt's products and have seen improvements with a lot of conditions.
I use the Lavender CBD lotion on my arthritic hands each night before bed and wake up with less pain, swelling & stiffness than before. I use the 5 Seed Oil and Hemp Oil and have felt more energy and less pain, overall with my Multiple Sclerosis.  I would seriously recommend Tar Heal Pharms and their classes & products to anyone looking to enhance their lives, improve their health.   - Melissa Baer 7/14/18

I have been using Tar Heal Pharms CBD oil, and several other products like the 5 Seed Oil, Soap and Hemp Seed Oil. I feel so much better and am sleeping better than I have in years. My dreams are actually so vivid now! My husband started taking the CBD oil and said the same thing about sleeping and dreams. I love how the soap makes my skin feel so soft! My husband hurt his shoulder and uses the CBD pain relief cream and it really helped! Matt is terrific and so knowledgeable - I highly recommend Tar Heal Pharms for your CBD source.  - Kristen Lindberg Kemling 7/15/18